Tolstoy’s Hall of Fame

This page is dedicated to the real life legends out there who are truly living the WAPIN7 dream. Scroll down to see the incredible listener creations that are bringing the world of War and Peace to life like never before. If Tolstoy could be here today, I’m sure he’d be extremely impressed.

Print them out, hang them on your wall, or even send in your own unparalleled work of art. Need a few ideas? If hands aren’t your thing, why not tackle one of these challenging topics:

  • Absolutely, people have technically drawn Smurfs before, but has anyone ever drawn the characters of War and Peace AS actual Smurfs? It’s a profound and intruiging thought.
  • Despite her dishevelled appearance Mimi the Psychic doll seems to wield incredible power, so if she wants you to draw her you (literally) won’t be able to resist.
  • What would it look like if you stacked Danny Devitos head to foot along side Russia’s famous St. Basil’s Cathedral? Will feels it’s important that someone finds out!

Book 8 – It doesn’t get sadder than this, soak it in. Glorious, inescapable, sadness captured perfectly in image form. Or do I mean happiness? It’s extremely hard to tell, but it’s safe to say this image of Emo betrothed Boris and Julie makes us either incredibly happy or profoundly sad, and that’s a massive compliment. Afficionardos of WAPIN7 art will be able to immediately discern the inimitable style of Jessica, famous for her Double Diplomat™ drawing of holiday ready Nicky from Book 5 (scroll down). Thank you so much Jessica for sending this in, it’s thoroughly excellent and it’s made our days so much brighter, or perhaps I mean oppresively, hauntingly darker, and that’s a good thing.

Book 6 – When Tolstoy sat down to write War and Peace in 1863, he probably didn’t imagine that one day 150 years later Jake would use Artificial Intelligence to create these quite remarkable images of Smurfs standing with him in the very centre of Moscow. Nor, we can assume, did he imagine that the world would ever see War and Peace rendered so expertly and with such relaxing lofi vibes. We can’t be 100% sure what he would have said were he here now to see these incredible things, but we’re fairly certain it would be “This is absolutely diplomat Jake, thank you so much, I love smurfing with the smurfs so smurfing much, keep on smurfing friend, my name is Leo Tolstoy, smurf you very much”.

So in the words of Leo Tolstoy himself, Smurf you very much, Jake. Smurf you very much, indeed.

Book 5 – Sometimes the clouds just open and god simply says “Hi guys, it’s me god, I love the show – check your email 😉 xxx”, yes that’s right we’ve recieved not one but TWO wonderful drawings of young Nicky. Thank you to Allex for providing us with this second absolutely divine gift. It’s another (another!) incredible drawing of the inimitable Nicky Rostov (scroll down to see the other) in his favourite and best personal clothing that’s the perfect look for a pool party and a peace summit alike. It’s a fresh and diplomat take on the ‘Nicky Fashion’ series – hopefully one day we’ll have enough of them to fill the world’s largest art gallery – the St. Petersberg Hermitage. Thank you Allex!

Book 5 – Drawn, we assume, on the finest hand pressed paper money can buy, with pencils delicately crafted from rare, ancient woods, this authentic and powerful piece wouldn’t look out of place on the walls of a Russian palace. Featuring Nicky Rostov in his absolute finest personal clothing – flip flops, cork hat, cycle shorts, rubber ring (AKA floaty), and original ‘I’m with stupid’ t-shirt, not to mention the best mani-pedi this side of Paris. Thank you Jessica for bringing this inspiring vision into the world, if we all could be as confident as young Nicky, the world would be a better place.

Book 5 – Look at this beautiful thing! Drawn by forensic scientist Michelle who despite listening to WAPIN7 inside an actual morgue has created something distinctly un-ghoolish. Feast your eyes on this divine sight: Emperor Alex, looking majestic, sexy, and perhaps a little chubby, alongside his equally sexy and incredible horse colleague, Emperor of the Horses, King Jonas. It’s a wonderful thing to see, and really is a reason for us all to get up in the morning. Thank you Michelle, enjoy the bones!

Ep 65. Ethan! Thank you for this beautiful and most comprehensive of drawings – featuring not one, not two, but SIX incredible Rostovs, as well as their favourite horse and the family’s psychic overlord. The attention to detail is impeccable – from Nicky’s incredibly hurty arm, to the historically accurate sauce bib, to the honest and pure expression in good, brave, Darren’s eyes. Truly it is a piece destined for the walls of Tolstoys Hall of Fame, thank you Ethan!

Ep 64. Look at this incredible thing! Thank you to Allex for this quite frankly brilliant drawing of the entire Darren family tree (so far). Featuring Darren I – the original and most noble Darren, closest to our hearts and truly a god amongst horses. There’s also Darren II – a good and honest horse, who had big hooves to fill, and of course Darren III – the new & fresh horse on the block looking to change what it means to be ‘Darren’. Thank you Allex, it’s an amazing drawing, we love it and we love you!

A drawing of the three Darren horses, showing their heads in elaborate oval frames. Darren I is in the middle as a skull and the other Darrens are either side looking majestic.

Ep 62. It’s a double whammy this week thanks to @Thinking_About_Octokittens and her (older) sister with these two extremely interesting drawings. Left we have an excellent artistic rendition of Dr. Lorrain (Russia’s finest doctor) alongside Dr. Larrey (France’s finest doctor), which will no doubt one day be crucial evidence in some kind of EUROPOL police hunt. Right, we have a more stylistic rendering of everyone’s favourite horse Darren – rich with patriotism as it is, I’m sure it’ll bring a tear to the eyes of WAP lovers across the land. Thank you family Octokitten!

A big powdery thank you to Liv for this epically excellent drawing of a real life Powder Monkey. Featuring a wig of the latest style, cold & dead but also pleading eyes, and of course enough powder to last a life time. Thank you Liv for this wonderful, if not fairly haunting, image!

Liv's drawing of a powder monkey

Ep 41. Thank you to Julia (@julia.g_rockwell) for braving the trials of time travel to send us this truly masterful image of Vera’s spider filled mouth. For legal reasons we absolutely must point out that we cannot confirm or deny whether Vera’s mouth is actually filled with spiders, but if it turns out it is, this is surely what it would look like. Thank you again Julia, hopefully it goes without saying that we absolutely love getting drawings like these, even if they will haunt our dreams until the end of time.

Julia's incredible drawing of Veras allegedly spider filled mouth

Ep 28. What better way to end this season than with Ace Doing Art’s truly haunting depiction of Vera. We don’t know if Vera’s mouth really is full of spiders (why won’t Tolstoy tell us?!?), but if it is then this is surely what it would look like.

Thank you Ace Doing Art for this excellent drawing, and a massive thank you again to everyone else who has sent in their creations this season, as you can see from this page, they’re bloody great!

Ep 27. Thank you to Cil for sending in this excellent drawing that we’re officially calling a “meme” and so also “WAPIN7’s first meme”. It truly is a glorious and happy day for us all.

But that’s not all – make sure to listen to this week’s episode to hear the bounty of information that was Cil’s message. We’re talking sexuality, we’re talking red handed Pierre, and most importantly of all, we’re talking War and Peace themed electropop musicals. Thanks again Cil!

Ep 19. Wow. Just wow. We’ve died and gone to WAP heaven. Suriah from the US sends in this phenomenally sensational drawing of Count Rostov – round, proud and dripping with sauce, it’s the perfect rendition of the perfect man.

Thank you Suriah, this is quite possibly the best thing ever made.

A sensational drawing of Count Rostov, covered in sauce

Ep 16. What the hand?! Another hand drawing! Yes! More hands! Han-believable! Lucia (pronounced the Italian way) from the USA sends in this formidable artistic rendering of Pierre’s infamous arm-ending appendage. Thank you Lucia!

Hand connoisseurs will notice the distinctive red hue. Lucia also adds her own twist with a set of profoundly chonky fingers – she claims to have read War and Peace in its entirety already… so could she know something we don’t?

Lucia's incredible drawing of Pierre's hands

Ep 12. Hugh from the UK sent in this sensational drawing of Pierre’s hands – I’m sure you’ll agree it really captures Pierre’s deepest motivations, inner ambitions as well as his big red hands – a true work of art. Thank you Hugh, Thugh.

Hugh's incredible hand drawing