Month: August 2022

  • S6E6. The Secret Of Happiness

    Prince Andy is on the hunt for happiness but in order to find it he simply must experience ambivalence, nihilism and straight up unhappiness first.

    This episode is sort of like a football match. But instead of two teams playing football, it's actually happiness and sadness sort of fighting each other. The winner gets to be the king of all football... Yeah, it's not really like that at all actually.

    Maybe we should leave the writing to Tolstoy.

  • S6E5. The Dance of Destiny

    We've been to soirees, parties, even a casual ball or five during our time with War and Peace. We've watched as The King of Sauce set the dance floor on fire, we've seen kids doing backflips to impress other kids, we've applauded out of fear and amazement as the Blunt Dragon devoured people whole.

    Truly we thought we'd seen everything that high society Russia had to offer.

    Little did we know that there was another type of ball. A bigger ball. A better ball. A less lame and more incredible and important ball... The Grand Ball.

    Join us this week, as we attend the most important ball of any of our lives. Fates, minds and hearts will be made or broken tonight, all of Russian society could change in an instant, the world hangs in the balance at this ball to end all balls. See you there, don't be late.