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Get ready to meet character 1 of 500, the cough is the least of her worries… or is it?!
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It's raining; it's pouring.
The old, potentially dead man, is snoring.
Nick went to war and found a pub,
When exactly will we be warring?!

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Join us as we discover what makes WAP one of the greatest books of all time. If you’ve never read War and Peace, you’ve pretended to have read it, or you have read it (but only partially understood it) – this new comedy podcast is for you.

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Recent Episodes

  • S9E7. Retreat for a Treat

    It's raining; it's pouring.
    The old, potentially dead man, is snoring.
    Nick went to war and found a pub,
    When exactly will we be warring?!

  • S9E6. Péas de résistance

    Bags. We thought we knew everything there was to know about them. We thought we'd been inside them all. But what if I told you there was one more bag, one special bag no one had ever seen before - let alone opened.

    What if this bag held the power to change everything? Designed by Russia's only human pea this bag could change the war, Andy Pandy, maybe even Napolean himself.

    Would you dare to open it? Would you dare to leave the comfort of your own bag and climb inside this other bag? Join us this week as we do exactly that - we're climbing inside Bag 10 and no one can stop us.

  • S9E5. Bald, Bold & Bagged

    Ok, so there's one giant bag and inside that bag there are 9 sub-bags. Each of these 9 sub-bags, apart from bag 9, has other smaller bags inside them - think of them as sub-sub-bags.

    Oh, and these bags are filled with people and each bag, including sub-bags and maybe sub-sub-bags, are in competition with each other.

    What are the bags and their many many sub-bags fighting for?

    Have a listen and find out.

  • S9E4. No Pony-Poleon

    Napoleon, we've seen him wild with anger, we've seen him quiver with rage, we've seen him snuff with impunity. Now it's time to see Napoleon calm as a clam - a clam that also happens to control one of the world's most significant military forces.

    Fresh from a light ride, and with his full-bodied narcissistic fury bottled safely and healthily inside, clam Napoleon is ready to chat like a big clam.

    Casual, cool, calm, clam - prepare yourself for the most relaxing seafood encounter you're likely to have this week, with France's most reasonable and normal shellfish emperor.

  • S9E3. E’snuff’s E’snuff!

    We start with three noble Barry’s: Barry the Bugler, Barry the Bodyguard and Barry the Burger (horse). Will the Barry’s successfully escort their leader, who might also be called Barry, along the yellow brick road to find out who’s behind the curtain?  

    Will they succeed? Will they successfully stop the war? Or will they each get a faceful of snuff? 

    Whatever happens, we can all agree, it’s absolutely NOT like rain on your wedding day. 

  • S9E2. Fate at the Fête

    Don't be coconut shy, come on down to the WAPIN7 Fête! 

    We've got dodgems, teacup rides and a coconut shy! Plus an area to sell secondhand goods. It must be fate. 

    Fancy some candy floss?! Well, the machine is broken so you can't have any. 

    Oh, and we're off to war... 


  • S9E1. The Bad Shadows Are A Comin’

    We're back for Book 9 and boy is this going to be bad!

    Not the podcast, cross our saucy little fingers, but the world of War and Peace.

    It's been way too long since we heard from that Napoleon chap and we really got the feeling that he wasn't quite finished last time. Plus we've had quite a bit of peace recently, which makes the title of the book quite ominous indeed.

    Whatever happens we're in this together, so pour yourself a hot steaming cup of beef tea and join us for Book 9!

  • S8E12. Special: Winnie-the-Pooh And Some Bees

    What do you get when you mix the 'wrong type' of bees, a sentient half-dressed bear with a penchant for honey and a child with a gun and a really really nice balloon?

    Why, you get the Season 8 special book episode of WAPIN7, is what you get!

    And probably an extremely serious concussion which would require immediate medical attention.


    To Ashford Forest in East Sussex - to be precise.

  • S8E11. Book 8 Catch-up Quiz!

    It's time for the Season 8 Catch-Up Quiz and boy do we have some questions for you!

    There are pictures of comets, AI-generated nightmare art, varying degrees of slug speed accuracy and of course a question about the Smurfs. How does this all link to book 8 of War and Peace?

    There's only one way to find out...


    *Cue Gameshow Music

  • S8E10. Comet-ment Issues – Book 8 Finale!

    The time has finally come - the end of another book is upon us.

    Gather round slugs, worms, maggots and humans young,  old and slimy as we seamlessly complete character arcs, wrap up storylines, culminate journeys literal and figurative, and generally tie up loose ends in this decisive season finale.

    The slug square is positively quivering with anticipation, and so should you be too.

     Here's to one more book, and many more to come!