Haven’t read War and Peace? You’re not alone. While it may be one of the greatest novels of all time – it also has thousands of pages, hundreds of characters, and weighs as much as a small dog.

Leave your literary guilt at the door – we will read this book, even if it takes 7 years. We. Can. Do. It. Together.

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Join occasional comedians and certified reading people Will and Steve as they delve into the weird world of 19th-century Russia to summarise each and every chapter in Tolstoy’s seminal work.

Hear the gossip, meet the celebs and become genuinely much, much smarter in what could be the world’s first after-show for a 150 year old book.

Not sure you’ve got 7 years to spare? No problem, even one episode is enough to ensure you’ll never be a laughing stock ever again. Will and Steve will even take turns summarising their own summaries in just 10 seconds so there really is no excuse.

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I’d rather end up wishing I hadn’t than end up wishing I had.


With special thanks to

Matt Loveridge (RTS Regional Nominated Composer) – For his superb score and for telling us to hurry up and get this sorted.

Helen Stride – For her wonderful illustrations and being made to listen to our pilot episodes over and over again.

Chomsky – Will’s dog. He did nothing to help whatsoever.