Month: April 2021

  • 46. Special: Lord of the Flies – Chapter 1

    This week we're giving Tolstoy a well earned rest - while he enjoys a Turkish pipe and a nice hot bath, we're diving head first into the blue, blood-warm waters of William Golding's Lord of the Flies.

    Lauded alongside War and Peace as one of the greatest books of all time, Lord of the Flies finally answers the age old question 'should society be exclusively run by small children?'

    A bunch of boys crash land on a desert island, within minutes they've founded a small democratic island nation. It's all going wizzoh, wizzard, perhaps even smashing - but are cool catchphrases, casual bullying, and a jolly good adventure enough to hold a society together?

    Oh, and there's an evil pig ghost thing that maybe wants them all dead.

    Let us know if you enjoy this special episode and if you'd like to hear more like it - or @wapin7podcast. Season 3 of War and Peace In Just 7 Years will be back on 13th May!

  • 45. Book 2 Catch-Up Quiz

    You've finished Book 2 of War and Peace! Take a bow. The crowd are chanting your name!

    "YOU ARE SO DIPLOMAT <YOUR NAME>!" They scream and cry.

    Flowers fall from the sky. You wipe a single tear from your cheek and take a triumphant bite of delicious ham.

    If you've been with us from the start, or are but a simple traveller on the literary podcast highway looking for a refresh of Book 2 of the greatest book ever, take a seat. Grab a pen, fluff a pillow and get ready to quiz.

    We've got questions about war, horses, distance, Smurfs, ham, ships and of course spiders. How many points can you get? There really is only one way to find out...

    Cue Game Show Music!

    Be sure to join us in two weeks (29th of April) for another special episode. We'll be back with Book 3 on the 13th of May.

    Let us know how you do! - email or follow us @wapin7podcast on Instagram

    0-10 = The Coward Zherkov
    11-20 = A Daring Dholokov
    21 - 30 = King or Queen of the Wattleshed
    30+ = Darren himself

  • 44. Liar, Liar, Naked Man By The Fire (Book 2 Finale)

    Hi Will,

    I've just been going through the official WAPIN7 End of Book Checklist, and I'm pleased to say today's episode really has got it all:

    ✅ Intense dramatic tension
    ✅ New horse x 1
    ✅ Andy Pandy mic droppin' all over the shop
    ✅ Incredible literary prose
    ✅ Multiple descriptions of HANDS
    ✅ Unbelievable displays of military incompetence
    ✅ Minor arguments about shoes and logs
    ✅ AT LEAST ONE naked man

    Anyway, just wanted to say it's been great to make this season with you - despite what everyone says about you you're actually a pretty OK guy. When you next speak to the audience can you tell them how awesome and great they are, and also mention that Season 3 will start on the 13th of May with a couple of SPECIAL episodes in the gap, make it sound really exciting and mysterious (because it is).

    You're so diplomat!

  • 43. Suddenly!



    quickly and without warning; unexpectedly

    Will was perfectly summarising a chapter of War and Peace when suddenly Steve interjected and told him off for saying “‘suddenly” too much. Will, like the hapless General, turned purple with rage and was about to defend his honour when SUDDENLY -

    Be honest, you’re extremely intrigued to find out what happens next.