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‘War and Peace in just 7 years’ is a new comedy podcast that injects a modern dose of gossip and intrigue into one of the world’s most revered and intimidating books – think My Dad Wrote a Porno but Russia, no porno, and dad is Leo Tolstoy

If you’ve never read War and Peace, you’ve pretended to have read it, or you have read it (but only partially understood it) – this is the podcast for you. With one episode a week it’ll only take 7 years to shut the cover once and for all. Trust us, we did the maths.

It’s Celebrity Love Island meets Saving Private Ryan and the contestants are Russia’s aristocracy. Listen to the world’s first ‘after-show’ for a 150 year old book online now or in your podcasting app.

About the hosts

Will & Steve are occasional comedians and certified reading people and have performed live comedy and improv over the last decade throughout London, and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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