12. Cat Woman’s Heartbreak

Sure it’s great that all these old people are having a nice time, but what are the YOUNG people up to? And who the heck do they fancy? Tell me now!

This week we’re slip n’ sliding our way through the intricate social web of Moscow’s youth scene to answer these critical questions. Join us as we jump on the seesaw of uncertainty, clamber high on the jungle gym of jealousy and go feet first down the slide of emotional instability.

The stakes are high and the eyes have never been deweyer, don’t miss this week’s episode.

Show notes

Hugh's incredible hand drawingIt’s been an e-mail bonanza this week. Hugh from the UK sent in a sensational drawing of Pierre’s hands. I’m sure you’ll agree it really captures Pierre’s deepest motivations, inner ambitions as well as his big red hands – a true work of art.

Hugh’s drawing rightly takes its place as the first piece on the walls of Tolstoy’s Hall of Fame – thank you Hugh.