Month: March 2023

  • S7E8. Special: Casino Royale

    The name's Jimbo, Jimbo Secretan, Her Magesty's Ornothologist and best gambler in Britain.

    Yes that's right it's time for the final special episode of Season 7 - this time it's a matter of national importance and there's only one man fit for the job.

    He likes to drink heavily, smoke like a trumpet, and by gosh can he gamble his way out of a corner. The stakes have never been higher, the ties have never been blacker, and the plans have never been smarter than with James 'Jimbo' Bond in Ian Flemming's first Bond book 'Casino Royale'.

    Grab a glass of pure vodka containing a small olive or other vegetable of your choosing, and join us for an adventure that simply must be destroyed after listening.

  • S7E7. The Book 7 Catch Up Zoo Quiz Special (Ep. 100!)

    Join us for this incredibly special centenary episode of WAPIN7 - an unbelivable milestone for us, you, Tolstoy and surprisingly the animals of London Zoo.

    Chosen by our Patrons, the Zoo is of course the obvious place to go for this commemerative, likely collectable, episode and it's the natural venue to host a quiz about War and Peace. We've got all the animals you might expect in a good quiz plus a few more: lions, gorillas, pigs, smurfs, snails, turtles, ants and even cows.

    Good luck in the quiz and thank you for listening and supporting the show, we love it, we love you - here's to the next 100 episodes!