Month: June 2022

  • S6E02. The Whole World In His Hands!

    All together now!

    He's got the rights of the people, in his hands!

    He's got plump white hands, for his hands!

    He's got a strange way of talking, in his hands!

    He's got the whole world in his hands!

  • S6E01. Hot Hot Spring – Book 6 Begins!

    We’re back! It’s officially Volume 2, it’s officially 1808, it’s officially spring. Indeed, the spring has never been springier in this spring-time spring spectacular. Peel off precisely one layer, go for a walk, and get ready to feel the full force of spring’s power.

    Chirping birds - check.

    Blooming flowers - check.

    Talking trees - check.

    This is going to be the best damn spring of your whole life.