41. It Has Begun!

You’d be forgiven for thinking the beginning of the book was the beginning – oh how naive you are! 41 chapters in and now it’s really time to get things started.

The horses are primed, the ham supplies are looking good and the cannon balls have been mopped to perfection.

One thing we hadn’t thought of was the requirement of an extremely well dressed Accountant…

Now that he’s here, calculator in hand, there’s really only one thing left to say –




Show notes

Julia's incredible drawing of Veras allegedly spider filled mouthThank you to Julia (@julia.g_rockwell) for braving the trials of time travel to send us this truly masterful image of Vera’s spider filled mouth. For legal reasons we absolutely must point out that we cannot confirm or deny whether Vera’s mouth is actually filled with spiders, but if it turns out it is, this is surely what it would look like. Thank you again Julia, hopefully it goes without saying that we absolutely love getting drawings like these, even if they will haunt our dreams until the end of time.

As ever Julia’s drawing takes its place along side the other works of art on the walls of Tolstoy’s Hall of Fame.