28. Andy Pandy’s Bye Bye – Book 1 Finale!

Peel back that pre-diced pineapple pot, fill your vape with turkish vape juice, and pop the McTurtle burgers in the microwave, because it’s time to celebrate!

Join us this week as we reach an incredible milestone – the end of War and Peace, Book 1. It’s an emotional moment for us, and an emotional final chapter – Andy Pandy is off to war, but how will he concentrate with his pregnant wife at home slowly shrinking?

The future is unclear, but one thing is certain: even if it takes 7 years, we’re doing this together.

Show notes

Vera's truly moving rendition of spidery mouthed VeraWhat better way to end this season than with Ace Doing Art’s truly haunting depiction of Vera. We don’t know if Vera’s mouth really is full of spiders (why won’t Tolstoy tell us?!?), but if it is then this is surely what it would look like.

Thank you Ace Doing Art for this excellent drawing, and a massive thank you again to everyone else who has sent in their creations this season. Take a look at all of them in Tolstoy’s Hall of Fame or send in your own by email or Instagram.