Month: July 2020

  • 9. Party Bear

    Sure, the party's over, but that doesn't mean there isn't time for ANOTHER PARTY. Put the vol-au-vents in the bin - it turns out getting absolutely wasted was the idea all along.

    What you'll need: 1 litre of rum per person, carpentry tools, a friendly but irresponsible zoo keeper, and of course a couple of packs of cards. Oh, and don't forget your collar and chain.

    The party rule book is quite literally out of the window. Trust us, you've never seen anything like this.

  • 8. Negative Nancy

    It's an age old debate: will marriage make you happy and fulfilled, or will it suck the entire life force from you, turning you into an empty husk - a gibbering, nodding, simpleton, broken and corrupted by the ring on your finger and the ball and chain on your leg?

    Tune in this week for some advice that really could change your life as Negative Nancy dives deep, deep, deep into the pit of despair that is marriage.

  • 7. Stay Out Of It, Pierre!

    War and Peace - a happy dream world of endless partying, thoroughly amusing small talk and exciting networking opportunities... or is it?

    Join us this week as things get serious - we're going deep, deep behind the curtain and what we find there might shock you to your core.

    Bring your best friend, pack your teddy bear and think happy thoughts - this is War and Peace, and the party is over.

  • 6. Jazz Hands

    Hippolyte - boring, ugly and bad at telling stories, OR IS HE? Join us this week as the persistent young man takes another punt at impressing an audience.

    PLUS we're talking hands - we meet the Arya Stark and Hound of the hand world, one with "small white hands" the other "huge red hands" - but how can they maintain a friendship with such different hands? Tune in to see if they can weather the storm.

  • 5. The Clash of Minds

    SPOILER ALERT - The party won't end.

    Picture this: You're at a party with Russia's (nay the world's) greatest minds. You're ever so slightly overtired, incredibly ugly and everyone thinks you're worthless, but you have an incredible story in your back pocket - and it could change EVERYTHING...

    Don't miss this week's episode.