27. Napoleon is a Powder Monkey!

It’s dinner time at Nasty Nick’s house and there’s a politely sneezing architect at the main table… We know you’ll find that hard to believe.

“A lowly architect eating his dinner at the MAIN TABLE, WHY WHY WHY?!”

We’re just as repulsed and sickened as you are.

Tune in this week to find out who’s the biggest powder monkey and what’s so special about this awful architect.

Show notes

We're in a palace by Cil - War and Peace in 7 Years Podcast

Thank you to Cil for sending in this excellent drawing that we’re officially calling a “meme” and so also “WAPIN7’s first meme”. It truly is a glorious and happy day for us all.

But that’s not all – make sure to listen to this week’s episode to hear the bounty of information that was Cil’s message. We’re talking sexuality, we’re talking red handed Pierre, and most importantly of all, we’re talking War and Peace themed electropop musicals.

As ever, Cil’s drawing takes its place along with the other timeless works of art in Tolstoy’s Hall of Fame. Thanks again Cil!