Month: April 2022

  • 81. Book 5 Catch-Up Quiz

    You look down at your large red powerful hands. You clench one into a  fist and pump it triumphantly into the air! You've finished Book 5 of War and Peace and rightly want the world to know about. 

    "What next?!" You scream. 

    "I want more!!"

    It's time to put your knowledge of Book 5 to the ultimate test. We've got questions about: bones, hands, horses, Smurfs and Freemasons. 


  • 80. Peace out! – Book 5 (+ Vol 1!) Finale

    It's the end of Book 5 AND the end of Volume 1 of War and Peace - and there are just so many unanswered questions:

    Will Denisov escape the law?
    Will peace last forever?
    Will the surfs ever truly be free?
    Why was that hospital so awful?
    Will Nicky get an arbitrary promotion for no reason in particular?
    Where did all those bones come from?
    Who the hell stole all the biscuits?
    What was that tiny monkey butler all about?

    Join us for this historic episode as we attempt to answer all or perhaps none of these questions!