Month: January 2021

  • 34. Pies Wide Shut

    Waging a successful military campaign isn't just about shiny buttons, impressive marching formations, and ensuring your troops are incredibly rested and relaxed.

    Sometimes you need an extra special something to turn your fighting boys into fighting men... sometimes you need Pies. Yes, pies.

    Join us this week as we discover how the humble baked treat could be Russia's secret weapon in the fight against the powerful, but pie-less, Napoleon.

  • 33. The Fable of Fish Fwend

    They speak of a man with fish for hands,

    a man who's addicted to crime .

    Your treasures are safe?

    Oh yes! In the safest place!

    Well for now then I guess you are fine...

    OR ARE YOU?!

  • 32. It’s All Gone Hobbledehoy!

    The Russian army sure know how to throw a parade - but was spending all that time changing coats and polishing penknives really the brilliant strategic manoeuvre it first seemed?

    Join us this week as we turn on the slow motion camera to watch the hobbledehoy slowly move toward the fan, then actually hit the fan, then spread horrible, sticky hobbledehoy absolutely everywhere.

    What happens next could be horribledehoy, it could be happydehoy, but one thing's for certain - it's all gone hobbledehoy!

  • 31. Bad Bad Booties

    Like your favourite boomerang we are back!

    Dust off your WAP-WAPPY-WAP Quote Book, plump up your favourite War and Peace themed pillow, pop on your velvet listening cape and get ready for Book 2 of the greatest novel of all time!

    We've had enough parties to make even Miley Cyrus throw in the towel.

    It's time for War...

    Well, perhaps not quite yet, but we are with some soldiers and they have some really bad booties.