• 5. The Clash of Minds

    SPOILER ALERT - The party won't end.

    Picture this: You're at a party with Russia's (nay the world's) greatest minds. You're ever so slightly overtired, incredibly ugly and everyone thinks you're worthless, but you have an incredible story in your back pocket - and it could change EVERYTHING...

    Don't miss this week's episode.

  • 4. Give Boris a Job

    SPOILER ALERT - This party is nowhere near ending!

    A party isn't just a time to let loose, it's an important time to network and extract favours from people. Well it is in 19th century Russia anyway...

    The hottest woman in the world and her visually unfortunate brother are back and don't you dare forget about those elderly women!

    If that wasn't enough, we've got NEW characters and boy do they want stuff!

    You really don't want to miss this.

  • 3. The Great Story

    SPOILER ALERT - Ain't no one stopping this party!

    We've got the elite, the powerful, an armoires worth of finger food and hordes of elderly women!

    Tune in to see who steps up to tell one of the greatest anecdotes of all time...

    You really don't want to miss this.

  • 2. The Party

    Pour a drink, pop on a high ruffle (higher... higher!) and get ready to party - 19th century Russian style!

    Meet the ugliest man alive, the prettiest woman on the planet and join us as we try to figure out what on earth is going on.

    Who is Anna? Genuinely who is she?! I wish we knew.

    Grab a mini-quiche and we'll see you on the dance floor.

  • 1. Anna’s Cough

    You haven't got time to read Tolstoy's War and Peace, even if it is one of the greatest novels of all time. Don't read it alone! Don't read it at all! Join us as we figure out together what makes this book so darn good... even if it takes us 7 years.

    It's Celebrity Love Island meets Saving Private Ryan and the contestants are Russia's aristocracy.

    Who is Anna? Seriously who is she?! Get ready to meet character 1 of 500 (I know)... the cough is the least of her worries... or is it?!

    Begin your WAP-venture (we're sure this will catch on) in this debut episode. Only 7 years to go! Just search for 'WAPIN7' in your podcast app.