46. Special: Lord of the Flies – Chapter 1

This week we’re giving Tolstoy a well earned rest – while he enjoys a Turkish pipe and a nice hot bath, we’re diving head first into the blue, blood-warm waters of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.

Lauded alongside War and Peace as one of the greatest books of all time, Lord of the Flies finally answers the age old question ‘should society be exclusively run by small children?’

A bunch of boys crash land on a desert island, within minutes they’ve founded a small democratic island nation. It’s all going wizzoh, wizzard, perhaps even smashing – but are cool catchphrases, casual bullying, and a jolly good adventure enough to hold a society together?

Oh, and there’s an evil pig ghost thing that maybe wants them all dead.

Let us know if you enjoy this special episode and if you’d like to hear more like it – tolstoy@wapin7.com or @wapin7podcast. Season 3 of War and Peace In Just 7 Years will be back on 13th May!