44. Liar, Liar, Naked Man By The Fire (Book 2 Finale)

Hi Will,

I’ve just been going through the official WAPIN7 End of Book Checklist, and I’m pleased to say today’s episode really has got it all:

✅ Intense dramatic tension
✅ New horse x 1
✅ Andy Pandy mic droppin’ all over the shop
✅ Incredible literary prose
✅ Multiple descriptions of HANDS
✅ Unbelievable displays of military incompetence
✅ Minor arguments about shoes and logs
✅ AT LEAST ONE naked man

Anyway, just wanted to say it’s been great to make this season with you – despite what everyone says about you you’re actually a pretty OK guy. When you next speak to the audience can you tell them how awesome and great they are, and also mention that Season 3 will start on the 13th of May with a couple of SPECIAL episodes in the gap, make it sound really exciting and mysterious (because it is).

You’re so diplomat!