• 64. No Weddings And No Funeral

    Shy Moscovite Pierre (Hugh Grant) meets Moscovian Hélène (Andie MacDowell) at their own wedding and enjoys several months of marriage to her.

    The next time they meet, at their own house, Hélène is accompanied by a poor but amusing lover Dolokhov (Corin Redgrave), leaving Pierre heartbroken.

    Never mind, with the bald hills on the horizon, there's still time for him to win the love of his local sweetheart using anger, money, and shouting.

    This hugely popular comedy established Hugh Grant as Hollywood's favourite bumbling Russian and garnered Oscar nominations for Best Picture.

  • 63. I Challenge Thou!

    The party continues!

    As guests greedily sup turtle soup and toast every single person in Russia a storm is brewing...

    Not a literal storm, like a storm, but an internal storm.

    What happens when a massive man with long sad hair and giant healthy red hands is pushed to his limits? Will he explode like a large massive bomb; or will he just sit there looking all sad and red?

    Retribution is coming.

  • 62. Time For Toast

    Dear Listener,

    You are cordially invited to an evening of fine dining, amusements, and powerful dancing at The English Club.

    In attendance will be one SPECIAL GUEST plus Russia's oldest and wealthiest men, and of course me, the sauciest boy in town Count 'Sauce guy' Rostov. Truly it is not to be missed.

    Over 18 delightful courses we will travel the culinary world, consuming everything from chicken chins to sterlet shins. The official sauce of the party is 'mayonnaise' so please dress appropriately.

    I look forward to your reply from the bottom of my sauce pot.


    Saucey saucey Count Rostov

  • 61. Would Thou Pass The Jelly? – Book 4 Begins!

    Say goodbye to Season 3 because it's time for Season 4!

    The war is having a well deserved holiday. It's tired from all the retreating and endless bouts of foggy mist and misty misty fog.

    Even though we're far from the front lines of the actual war there is still a war... but this war is a war between rigid social norms and being honest to your feelings.

    In a literal sense it's also a war between 'you' and 'thou' and may I say now that we have never been more confused by anything so far in the book.

    Thankfully Vera and her army of mouth spiders are on hand to sort it all out.

    It feels good to be back.


  • 60. Book 3 Catch-Up Quiz

    It's that wonderful time of the season... QUIZ TIME!

    What can you remember from book 3 of War and Peace? It's time to don your finest velvet reading cape, pour a large glass of steaming hot beef tea and retreat deep inside your memory shed.

    We've got questions about mailboxes, fog, the 1971 film Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory and of course some questions about book 3 of War and Peace: quotes, motivations, sayings and more!

    There's even a surprise listener question.

    There really is only one word left to say...


    Let us know how you do! - email tolstoy@wapin7.com or follow us @wapin7podcast on Instagram

    0 - 4 = Darren 3
    5 - 13 = Darren 2
    14 - 25 = Darren 1 (AKA The BEST Darren!)

  • 59. Special: Pride and Prejudice – Chapters 1 to 3

    It's the early 19th century and a handsome single chap with loads of dosh has moved in just round the corner. There's only thing to do: gossip.

    Dust off your reading cape, iron your finest party hat and check the tires on your chaise because we're going to a party!

    Who will do the most backflips? Which daughter will be the best at potentially being married? Who will put the evil Mr Darcy in his place?

    There's only one way to find out...


  • 58. What Is It Good For? – Book 3 Finale!

    We wanted it to be on. We waited for it to be on. Now it's actually on, and it might be better if it was off.

    Can we change our minds?

    Last week we were left desperately hanging from the literary cliff, and this week we're boldly letting go. Join us as we descend through the soup-thick fog in search of answers… Who is dead? Who is alive? Have we completely lost? Did Daddy ever make it to Disneyland? And most importantly of all - what happened to that small pond mentioned briefly several weeks ago?

    We'll be answering some, all, or none of these questions this week. Don't miss it.


    We'll be back with Book 4 on September 2nd, between now and then though we'll of course have a couple of special episodes for you:

    August 12th - New book special
    August 26th - Book 3 Catch-up Quiz

    Have a great few weeks & we'll see you then! xx

  • 57. It Really, Really, Really Is On!

    Where once there was fog, or maybe dense mist, but probably definitely fog, now there lies smoke.

    Like an incredibly dense super-fog, the smoke hides all it touches...

    Has the averagely tall Napoleon's dastardly plan paid off? Is everyone dead? Will the Russians find their way out of this hyper-fog-mist-smoke-hybrid?

    We'd be lying if we said it wasn't on.

    It really, really, really is.

    We're really, really, really sure now.

  • 56. Gloves Off!

    The fog was thick. Thick as a thick, thick bowl of fog soup.

    Everywhere young Nicky Rostov turned he saw the dense white of the horrible thick fog. It was like being inside a pie made entirely of milk.

    "Hello!" he shouted "It's me Nicky Rostov is anyone there?" The thick, milky fog consumed his words like a pack of pigeons around an unlucky chip.

    "I'm here to fight the French... I'm not scared" he shouted, a little too loudly.

    Just then, through the thick horrible milky white fog, he saw an even whiter thing, white and bright as if a lighthouse were sailing across the battlefield.

    As Nicky drew closer he saw it for what it was - a single, impeccably white glove, drifting down from the high cliff.

    How did this glove get here? Where were the French? WHY was there so much fog?!

    A short excerpt from:
    War and Peace 2: There Will Be Fog
    By WAPIN7's Steve

  • 55. Oh Boy, It Is Really On Now

    Yeah we're doing this again...

    We're sorry, OK!

    We were so sure it was on before and so we said it was "on" but then it wasn't "on" and then this episode happened and at the end we were both like, "oh boy, it really is on now!"

    To be honest we don't know if it's on.

    We hope it's on.

    We're so sorry if it turns out that next week it isn't actually on.

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