58. What Is It Good For? – Book 3 Finale!

We wanted it to be on. We waited for it to be on. Now it’s actually on, and it might be better if it was off.

Can we change our minds?

Last week we were left desperately hanging from the literary cliff, and this week we’re boldly letting go. Join us as we descend through the soup-thick fog in search of answers… Who is dead? Who is alive? Have we completely lost? Did Daddy ever make it to Disneyland? And most importantly of all – what happened to that small pond mentioned briefly several weeks ago?

We’ll be answering some, all, or none of these questions this week. Don’t miss it.


We’ll be back with Book 4 on September 2nd, between now and then though we’ll of course have a couple of special episodes for you:

August 12th – New book special
August 26th – Book 3 Catch-up Quiz

Have a great few weeks & we’ll see you then! xx